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how's my drivin'? [ooc]

Welcome to the Emporium!

Disclaimer: I'm a Jewish girl in her mid-20s from 2010 Florida playing a Haitian man in his early forties in 1926 New Orleans. I will probably mess some things up, not know some facts, try to blend some facts with movie canon and make a mistake, etc. etc. But I also hope I will be very open to criticism of all kinds re: the character, time period, and writing someone with a different race and culture than me.

Please leave some con-crit if you are so inclined! <3 Comments will be screened.
[Have an Admiral, everyone. He's grinning like the bastard he knows he is. He may be slightly unhinged in that 'Hollywood crazy' kind of way. And he has a lot more melanin than this icon does, but I couldn't find any black guys wearing this costume, so let's all pretend shall we?]

There seem to be a lot of new faces around here. I don't remember authorizing this! The next batch isn't due for a week at least...


As your Admiral, Supreme Commander, and the guy doing the steering, I hereby declare the 'wander around in confusion figuring out what's going on' flood well underway. By about a day or so. Well, I've been busy, this ship doesn't move itself!

Questions will be met with cookies. Complaints will be met with cookies in your least favorite flavor. And if anyone gets murdered this weekend, remember that suffering builds character!
[Facilier comes on screen looking slightly amused. In spite of his words, though, there's something unusual about his expression, to those who know him - something a little less smug, but not the rage that usually replaces the smugness, either. It's almost genuinely thoughtful.

He's also wearing this, without a hint of self-consciousness.]

I was just thinking, I never did show off my costume to y'all. S'got a good cut to the suit, I think it's flattering.

We've all been doin' a lot of talking 'bout our feelings, haven't we? Even I've gotten in on the act. It's so easy to get caught up in all the squabbling and the blame, and do a lot of well-meaning talk 'bout fixing things. Or people.

I've said it before, though: the Wardens didn't bring us here. The Wardens didn't decide how this place would be run, or what new tricks would get played on us every week or so. Most of 'em are insufferable, and they're no better than us, but they don't decide whether we come or go.

The Inmates didn't bribe you heroic types to a place where you'd play scapegoats, or get yourselves violated or tortured in the name of helpin' someone else who don't always want the help. I doubt you were warned it'd happen to you, either - the zombis, say, or that fine little haunted house...

So who's to blame here? Don't mind me if you'd rather not talk 'bout the answer. I'm just thinkin' out loud, more or less.

[Private to Coyo]

I'm interested.

Though I've got questions and details to sort out, first.

020 .. musical confessional time! [video]

[towards the end of the flood, the video switches on for Facilier again without him knowing it. he's been liking these last few days a lot, and remembering just how much he enjoys the little shows he used to put on. captivating an audience feels almost as good as the part where he screwed them over afterwards.

which gets him thinking again - that even if he could be made to regret everything he did, which he's far from, there's still so many reasons he wouldn't be "fixed". he can't stand the idea of being powerless, and yet that's how he felt most of his life, no matter what he did. he begins to sing quietly, and...let's just pretend the song's in his range.]

I could make a dress,
a robe fit for a prince.
I could clothe a continent,
but i can't sew a stitch.

I can paint my face,
and stand very very still.
It's not very practical,
but it still pays the bills.

I can't change my name,
but I could be your type.
I can dance and win at games
like Backgammon and Life.

I used to be the smart one,
sharp as a tack.
Funny 'bout how skipping years ahead
has held me back.

I used to be the bright one,
top in my class.
Funny what they give you when you
just learn how to ask.

more lyrics under the cut!Collapse )

[he looks up and realizes the light on the journal is going.]

...oh god damn it, really? Son of a -

[he's hurrying over, and then the video goes black.]

019 .. Diva In The Making

[Facilier LOVES this flood. And he loves how it came right on the heels of the newbies. And how he suddenly has a knowledge of eighty years of music. And how he's going to show off like a boss right now.

Video comes on and he's dressed in his bone mask and his best work clothes, candlelight and sparkly magic dust is making with the magic, and Shadow turns into creepy shapes for added effect. It's just as over-the-top as the song and slightly creepy to boot.]

I put a spell on you
'cause you're mine

You better stop the things you do
I ain't lyin'
No, I ain't lyin'

You know I can't stand it
You're runnin' around
You know better, baby
I can't stand it cause you put me down

I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
You're mine...

Here are some things no one is allowed to mention around me for the next week or so:
- romance
- matchmaking
- masculinity
- animals that live in the ocean
- whatever the hell 'body wash' is

Admiral, you owe me at least a dozen cookies. Freshly baked.

[Private to Judas]
For the record, whatever the hell I was doing back there was genuine and some twisted part of my brain thought it was gonna help. Nothing else, just...wanted to make that clear.

017 ... we're not in failboat anymore.

Oh, I'm lookin' forward to how this one's actually therapeutic. That's also the third or fourth Warden I've heard makin' sounds like... Well, I doubt it was in the ad for the job.

Anyone gets a tip on Iroh - short, paunchy older man, irritating amount of patience - I ain't above helpin' y'all with somethin' similar in turn. Just don't get us killed, we'll get along fine.
You know, since we're all doin' some good old-fashioned bonding, I think it's high time I asked somethin' for everyone to hear.

See, when I was alive, I was in somethin' of a wish-granting business. Not that I was a decent man about it, mind. Most of y'all know that by now, and really, deep down so did they. I'd draw a man's feelings out an' give him nowhere to hide - I'd let the cards tell me every secret little thing about him, and I'd get inside him and use it. I'd use all of it, to move him to doin' what I wanted - which was to ask me for help. To beg me. So I could take his pretty little dreams an' twist them to my liking.

Lot of the time, I felt it was deserved. But I enjoyed it - makin' folks dance to my tune.

Five times a week I hear y'all ask what makes a warden different from an inmate. No one's ever got an answer that makes sense. I say we're askin' the wrong question.

What the hell makes you different from me, Admiral? From any of us? Why the hell shouldn't we beat you down 'til you're so set to change your ways that you're serene about it?

[Private to Iroh]
Let me get my filters back on for this flood, at least. Someone catches me with a hard question, I'd just as soon not hand the answer to everyone on board.

{{ETA: You know, I'm just gonna enjoy torturing him. Ask away, I'll tell you guys in AIM if it's ever a problem.))

015 ... did I miss something?

Well, that was a fine nap, feels like I slept for days. Had the weirdest dream 'bout-

Why does the hallway smell like marshmallows an' pond water?

014 .. it's been a REALLY long week


Which means I don't have a special person, I suppose, or the Admiral's cuttin' me a break. Which is nice. I need one, I think.

Enjoy your new body parts, everyone. I'm sure I'll have awkward stories to tell same as y'all, eventually.

[private to Iroh]
The other night... Thanks.

[ooc: so partly from forgetting it was coming and having no icons, and partly because the last few days had so much happen I'm going to spare him the nervous breakdown, Facilier's passing this flood up. for the one or two of you who might care, he'd have either been Mama Odie for great lulz, or his father, to...no real effect, because I made that whole backstory up, so. Yeah. <3]