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[the post opens with a loud clang, as if the communicator had banged hard into a wall - which, in the confusion of Facilier trying to GET OUT OF THERE RUN RUN NOW OH GOD, is exactly what happened. There's the sound of screaming as everyone's miscellaneous phobias manifest, and then Facilier's voice comes through clearest.]

Get away, you're not supposed to be here! You can't be -

[footsteps running FAST and heavy, terrified breathing]

Please just - please, I didn't know - I thought this was over -

[a strangled scream]

I'll find some way, even here! I don't care if you want the whole boat, I just - I need more TIME!
[OOC: Backdated to after his conversation with Beatty.]

[Private to Cissie]
Evening. You Beatty's warden?

I'm thinkin' you should see this.

011 .. time to backslide!

Well, belatedly, that was a fine little adventure.

An' all these bugs suddenly hopping 'round my room would've been more useful when I was

wait a second that's

Anyone mind tellin' me who's been kicking at my door?

[Private to Bela]
Mind if we talk? I've got a few questions I think you'd be best to answer.

[Private to Judas]
Afternoon, son. You might want to stay alert today. If my hunch is right, I may be able to make good on that deal of ours sooner than you thought.

[ooc: Strikes as unreadable as you can get without being obvious - Facilier doesn't want anyone but a few select people to know anything out of the ordinary is going on. He's noticing the same things that heralded Alastair's powers - the locusts, the cold spots, etc. He's not creating them consciously so they may be a bit more subdued, but they're definitely occurring and massing around him.]
...all right, whoever is pullin' the strings an' decided this was funny?

It's NOT.

[ooc: Facilier can understand and be understood by all, as per his canon rules, so go to town. Also I have decided he's hallucinogenic. For great lulz.]

009 .. human nature and other mysteries

This one could've been a whole lot worse. Good thing I'm not stupid enough to let everything out once we're chums. (You're still a pompous waste of skin, Crane, you've just got the added excuse of bein' out of your mind.)

While you're all sorting yourselves out, all these flood ideas about how folks "ain't so bad" put me in mind of an old story I've been turnin' over in my head since I landed up here:

A farmer went out for a little walk one winter, and while he was strollin' on his way he found a snake on the path, stiff with cold, nearly dead. The snake had bright, beautiful colors, the signs of a poisonous critter, and the man was gonna give it the usual wide berth. But the snake lifted its little head and said "Oh please, sir, it's so cold an' I'm about to freeze. Please take me in your jacket and bring me inside, to warm me in front of the fire."

"You're poison," said the farmer, "and you'll bite me, and I'll die." But the snake begged and pleaded so that the man scooped him up into his jacket, and took him home to warm.

The man took the snake home to warm in front of the fire - but no sooner had its body thawed out, of course, that the snake bit down on his hand, and slithered free. "Why did you bite me?" said the farmer, "I helped you, I was kind to you."

"Y'all knew I was a snake when you picked me up, idiot." And it left the farmer to expire.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

008 .. important distinctions

[now that he knows how to work it, the video flicks on and a VERY pissed-looking Facilier is sitting there glowering at the camera. he may be slightly tipsy from a bout of drinking on deck when the events of the seance were done.]

Normally I'd be ignoring y'all while you sort yourselves out, but I'd like to nip a few things in the bud.

This is Shadow. Say hello, Shadow.

[image temporarily on Shadow, who is puffed up defensively like a human version of a cat, then back to Facilier]

It's part of me. It ain't somethin' I got saddled with by chance, or a ghost, or somethin' I see when I dip into the bourbon too much. It's a warning. Which brings me to point number two.

I am not a fake. I am not a two-bit charlatan playin' up my trade for a quick buck. I can PLAY that game, and I DO, but I'm more dangerous than any tent healer or sad little man with a card table, and if you don't believe me then I will find you some examples. And if I get even a hint of my power back, I will prove it to you, and you will be sorry you doubted me.

I've got...I've got things I'm willin' to do, half of you never even dreamed of.

Carry on.

[the video flips off hurriedly. after a moment, it returns on a filter to the members of the seance]

As for y'all - nothing happened last night. We waved our hands and we got nothin' and that was it.

[his face suggests you don't argue, and then he switches off for good]

[ooc: And so I don't do two posts in a row, because it really only affects him - the seance doesn't seem to be moving, though I'd love to play it out if we keep going. I've cleared with Hix-mun that since Facilier DOES know various ways to contact the Other Side, in his amnesiac state he actually did so, just in his own headspace. And he has some frenemies there. He basically just saw their faces and heard enough threatening words/sounds to know to be afraid and keep it a secret, excuse himself, and head out the door suspiciously quickly, Shadow trailing behind him looking super terrified. He spent the rest of the evening drinking on deck and not acknowledging that anything was wrong.]
[there's a few screams and shouts over the feed, and a sound like someone is practically overturning the furniture. after a few minutes of this, the noise settles but there's still the sound of panting. then the video turns on to Facilier's panicked face]

All right, screw the memory loss, anyone else's room haunted?!

[some fumbling with the journal until he figures out how to work it, and then it's pointing to Shadow, who is waving its arms frantically and looking just as freaked out as Facilier does]

THAT thing got upset when I tried to throw a chair at it, and turned into a goddamn SNAKE.

If this is some reality show fucking with us, I am suing y'all's asses for everything you've got.
Ladies and gentlemen!

Seems we've got some spectators to our humble abode - and I've gotta say, I am fond of a good change of scenery. Cleanses the palate, it's good for you. Now if I were a gambling man, though I avoid such unbecoming behaviors, I'd stake a solid bet that y'all are just as confused as we are. And that's a sad state of affairs, so allow me to offer my most humble assistance.

I'm known as Dr. Facilier, and through terrible hardship I've collected the kind of wisdom a man earns when he's seen the face of spirits, gone beyond the grave and between worlds. Not only can I give you, as point of fact, information on one of the frightening possibilities that await a man past his mortal coil - but as a master of the cards I can read your very own future from this powerful spot, poised between the worlds. (Ley lines, music of the spheres, it's all prime real estate, y'see.)

Now, I'm gonna level with you, such opportunities don't come for free. But I'm gonna leave the ball square in your court. Money ain't of much use to the departed, but a man's more than the weight of his purse, ain't he? I'll take only the best offers of goods, services, and your own unique magical talents. I'm sure I'll find something I can use.

[ooc: Out to lunch in about 30, so will be slow at that time, but after that Facilier is a huckster of the people today.]
...Kids talk too much.

And they're nosy but they don't ask the right questions.

[private to Bela]
Never did thank you after the port. But Rider-Waite? What am I, an amateur?

Just messin' with you, it's perfect.
[there's some shuffling around and turning the recorder on and off before Facilier finally gets it to work. he also has quite the little mouth on him for a nine year old.]

...Hello? This thing workin'?

Moma? Papa?


I don't know why everyone's sayin' this is a spaceship. A barge is a riverboat, ain't it? I've never been on a riverboat - 'cept that one time, and the man in the fancy suit threw me off, and Moma was real mad.

But you can't yell at me for bein' here now, 'cause I didn't sneak on! I'm just l-... I got turned around.

I need to get back to the Quarter 'fore I miss supper.